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PR Launches

Cactus Advertising & Promotion offer all-channel PR, for brands and businesses. Covering Media Relations and the Digital, our all-channel approach means whatever you want to communicate, to whichever audiences, we're geared up with all the PR channels-to-market, to do it.

Everything must be perfect for a PR launch; days, weeks, sometimes months of preparation are realised through the event. The pressure is on and only delivery to perfection is expected, and that planning & perfect delivery is taken care by us.

Promotional staffing, models, characters and performers are often integral in this environment. They have the right look, attitude and experience and above all the team work to deliver excellent events. Our experience in this regard and the extensive number of staff available to us to recommend allows us to confidently deliver. We will take time to understand your time constraints, requirements expectations of return and work tirelessly to support you in anyway possible.